transfer malwarebytes to second pc

Transferring Malwarebytes license to New Computer

1. Installs easily and quickly with no reboot required

If you have to equip multiple computers with anti- malware software, installation ease and time is an important consideration.


2. The free version of the software is great at detecting malware than most paid versions of other programs

When you download Malwarebytes, you have the option of choosing between the free and the premium versions.


While the free version is a manually activated scanner, the premium version gives you real time protection, allowing for a relatively worry- free web browsing experience.

As an added bonus, Malwarebytes allows you to try the premium version for 30 days before committing to purchase it. Simply check the Enable free trial of Malwarebytes Anti- Malware PRO option during installation.

3. Minimal system resource usage

It uses little CPU and memory compared to other applications such as Webroot and Spybot and especially less than programs like Norton and McAffee.  You will likely want to perform other tasks on your PC when your anti-malware application scans for threats.  This also means it doesn’t grind your PC’s progress to a snail’s pace.

Bonus: Detected the most malicious virus of 2013, CryptoLocker.

Malwarebytes was one of the few programs that could successfully detect early variations of CryptoLocker. This infection allowed criminals to ransom the personal files of hundreds of thousands of PC users worldwide.

If these reasons aren’t enough to opt for Malwarebytes as your personal defense against malware threats, consider the case offered by Technicians.

For more information on malware or other issues affecting your PC, consult your local IT professionals.

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